Justin Fairfax at Heroes’ Luncheon

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and 2013 Virginia Attorney General Candidate Justin Fairfax will be our guest speaker a the Suffolk Democratic Committee’s Community Heroes’ Luncheon on May 3rd.

Justin Fairfax

In 2013, Justin Fairfax made a primary run for Attorney General and won the Washington Post’s endorsement as “fair-minded”, “bright”, and having a “passion for justice”. Those of us who watched Mr. Fairfax in the debates know he is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who can light up a room, and we look forward to hearing him speak next month.

The Community Heroes’ Luncheon will start at noon on May 3rd, at the Quality Inn on Pruden Blvd.

You can get tickets on-line using the “Hero Tickets” link on our website, or contact one of our committee members directly. You can also use our contact form.

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Agenda for Regular Meeting of Tuesday, April 8th

The meeting will take place a the Farm Fresh community room, 1401 N Main Street, at 7PM.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Introduction of exec committee
  3. Minutes of 2/11 Meeting w/correction
  4. Minutes of 3/11 Meeting
  5. Thank committee for participation in the petition drive
    1. Number of Petitions collection from our district exceeded everyone’s expectation!
  6. Guest Speaker: Keyanna Conner from Mark Warner’s campaign
  7. Treasurer’s report
  8. Hero’s Luncheon Update
  9. Event & Fundraising Committee Report
  10. Outreach Committee report and call for volunteers (re event committee report)
  11. Media/Technology Report
  12. Membership report
  13. New Business:
    1. New Location and active date: 701 East Old Pinner Street
    2. Opportunities to participate (sub-committee requests for volunteers)
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Community Hero Luncheon Update

Our honorees have been selected. Remember, you can get your tickets on-line from ActBlue or contact a member of the committee for a paper ticket. Tickets are $25.

The Suffolk Democratic Committee’s 6th Annual Community Hero Luncheon will be held on Saturday May 3rd, at noon. It will take place at the Suffolk Quality Inn, 2864 Pruden Blvd, Suffolk, VA, 23434.

Portraits of Honorees

C. Phillips Ferguson – Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Ferguson grew up and graduated from Suffolk Public Schools. He then went on to college and came back to his community to work for the Suffolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. He worked his way to winning an election to become the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Suffolk. Mr. Ferguson has prepared lectures and presentations on subjects such as identity theft, gang violence, internet safety, victim and witness services, and bullying. He and his staff have maintained an ambitious schedule of speaking arrangements to inform the public of those important subjects as well as the vital services that the commonwealth’s attorney provides to the citizens of our city.

Jewel Gatling – Chairperson of the Suffolk Young Democrats, Jewel Gatling serves with great enthusiasm. She organized several community service projects, including a backpack drive, drives for local food banks, and a garment drive for the local harvest outreach ministry. She worked tirelessly for in the political arena, canvassing and phone banking for the President, and reaching out to encourage voter participation among young people.

Robert E. Stephens – Mr. Stephens is a community activist and co-founder of Suffolk’s Community Action Coalition which works with youth to find solutions to school and community problems. One program was “Be Fight Free”, designed to help curb school violence. He partnered with the FBI in one award winning effort for student awareness and participation in law enforcement. Another notable effort has been to explore solutions and recommend alternatives for Suffolk’s troubled student programs.

The Suffolk Democratic Committee established the Community Hero Award to recognize and celebrate citizens of Suffolk who share our ideals of improving our community, our state, and our world through individual and collective action. Through these awards, the SDC hopes to shed a spotlight on the many unsung heroes in our city and make the community aware of the committee’s presence and activities.

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Community Hero Luncheon Tickets Available

The Suffolk Community Hero Luncheon will be held on Saturday, May 3rd this year, at the Quality Inn on Pruden Blvd, at noon.

Heroes Luncheon 2012, Guests at Table

You can purchase tickets on-line through Act Blue, and committee members are selling tickets in person.

Please join us in this festive event! Come out and honor three Suffolk heroes (TBA) at our annual get together with committee members, DPVA members, and local and state officials and representatives.

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Call and Rally for Medicaid Expansion

Call Today!

Call your State Senator and Delegate TODAY to let them know, YOU SUPPORT the Expansion!

Who Ya Gonna Call?  Find Out!

Then Let’s Roll! Rally for Healthcare in Richmond!

On Saturday, March 15, 2014 @ the Capitol Bell Tower in Richmond- 11am.
You can register and find more information at http://varallyforhealthcare.org/

Also, there will buses to Richmond with seats available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Buses will be at

  • Norfolk:
    Booker T Washington High School (2 Buses) (Leave 8 AM)
    1111 Park Ave.
    Norfolk, VA 23504
  • Portsmouth:
    Walmart Parking Lot (Leave 8 AM) 1098 Frederick Blvd
    Portsmouth, VA 23707


From Mark Warner:

Congress has appropriated federal tax dollars to provide health coverage for up to 400,000 uninsured Virginians by expanding Medicaid — so why do tea party forces in the General Assembly want to give that money to residents of other states instead of using it to create jobs and help people here in Virginia?It doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately, it’s a case of some people putting a rigid ideological agenda over the well-being of their constituents and our Commonwealth. They would rather make a philosophical point about the role of government than give a hand to their fellow Virginians in need.

As a businessman, it makes no sense to me that we would send our tax dollars to other states. This money should go to overburdened hospitals and healthcare facilities across Virginia —  and could produce around 30,000 new jobs in the Commonwealth as well as lower healthcare costs for all Virginians.

Please join me and tell the General Assembly: Don’t give away Virginia’s Medicaid dollars to other states.

Republican governors of states like Ohio, Arizona, North Dakota and Michigan are putting federal Medicaid dollars to work in their states because they recognize that doing so is good for their economy and creates jobs.

Medicaid expansion has bipartisan support in the Virginia General Assembly – but it’s going to take all of us making our voices heard to drum up the public pressure necessary to get this done.

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Message from the Chair

I wanted to take some time and put in writing what I envision for this committee. As the Election season kicks into gear and the weather warms up I want to clearly lay out my eight goals for making the Suffolk Democratic Committee great in 2014.

1. First, I want us to take full advantage of Social Media to reach TODAY’s democrats, and do our part to nurture them into TOMORROW’s Leaders.

2. We need to train our members to be the grassroots leaders in shaping our Government to be the America we all can be proud of, trust again, and brick-by-brick reclaim a world we can leave to our children – satisfied in a job well done.

3. We must destruct the tentacles that special interests have sunk into our political policies, our Politicians, our Environment and our very health.

4. We should be reaching out to more Democrats in our neighborhood, our community and our city and continue to engage and encourage all Suffolkians to be a part of our movement – if only just to vote.

5. I want to Increase the awareness and presence of the SDC through phone contact, neighborhood outreach, door-to-door canvassing, social media, public events, media engagement and coordination with our sister cities.

6. We will need to build a financial support structure that can further our grassroots efforts.

7. We must continue educating our neighbors on policies proposed by our elected representatives that affect their day to day lives. This is a key ingredient to bringing awareness of our causes into our community.

8. And finally, I want to continue to increase our numbers. We cannot do all of this without help, the help of the local community.

Our country is under attack. Not from outside forces, but from inside interests. Through derision and prejudice our own politicians are attacking our right to vote, to assemble, to make our own health choices, to form a union to protest, to worship, to live without discrimination and to love who we wish. This is class warfare – plain and simple – so take up arms. If we don’t fight back now, it may be too late.
Our Federal Government has been bought. The Citizen’s United v FEC Supreme Court case allows an unlimited sum of money to infiltrate our political and electoral system. The upcoming McCutcheon v FEC case before the Court promises to make things 10 times worse.

“Corporations are people, my friend” – Mitt Romney

Meanwhile our own Government is making it harder – both overtly (new voter ID-laws) and covertly, (closing polls, redistricting) for us – the people – to take part in our own democratic process.
Many of the Oligarchs who have poured money into our political system extract one-sided bargains in return (looser EPA restrictions, Tax breaks, Subsidies, no oversight or regulations – and escape from criminal prosecution) and in doing so the “Fox is guarding the hen-house”.
And unfortunately, WE are the hens.
With the power and influence to write the rules in their own interest (gaining more money) corporations disregard the public’s best interest, our health, welfare, safety, and our future.
“Money” is not “speech”. Not in a democracy. Not when the “voice” of one can drown out the voice of 100,000.
The best way to fight organized money is with Organized People, because Virginia is NOT for Sale.

I hope you will join me – for a David v Goliath fight that Capitol Hill will never forget – the Many versus the Money.

Leslie Rinaldi, Chair, Suffolk Democratic Committee:

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Agenda for Meeting of March 11

1. Membership Committee

a. List of Current Members

b. Rollout and explanation of New Application procedures

c. Present recently received applications for membership and acceptance

d. Acceptance of new Applications

2. James McCollum has volunteered for the 3rd Chair Position

3. Events Committee

a. Hero’s Luncheon Nominee presentation to General Membership

b. Hero’s Luncheon update.

c. Final discussion and vote on the type of event that Hero’s luncheon acceptance. will be.

4. Clint Jenkins has requested our support. He is running for the Cypress Borough City Council position. He is running as a declared Democrat.

5. Prepared additional Subcommittee announcements

a. Outreach committee

b. Warner campaign anticipates opening their field offices in April/May.

c. Upcoming dates to remember

d. Committee Meeting location discussion

6. New plan for 2014 (see hand-out) with concentrated efforts

7. New Committee sign-up requests

8. Turn in all Warner Petitions

9. Adjourn – those with petitions to have notarized should stay behind.

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Affordable Health Care Workshops

[text below]

Affordable Health Care Workshop
Better Health
Better Options
Join us for this exciting event to learn about the health insurance marketplace. Whether you’re uninsured, or just want to explore you choices, the Marketplace will help find coverage that’s right for you. 3 Opportunities to enroll: Saturday March 8th at Salvation Army, 400 Bank Street, Suffolk Virginia 23434 starting at 12:30PM // Monday and Tuesday March 10th and 11th at Salvation Army, 400 Bank Street, Suffolk Virginia 23434 starting at 1:00PM. If you have any questions, or would like to meet one-on-one, please contact Tony Castillio 434 336 3999 Select Option #4. email acastillio3@gmail.com
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Warner 2014 Ballot Petition

For those about to hit the streets and gather signatures for Mark Warner in Congressional District 4, the following document is provided for your convenience.

Please note the following:

  • Do not sign your own petition.
  • Bring the completed forms with you to our meeting on March 11th.
  • This is a Virginia State Board of Elections form ( with some information filled in for you by the Warner campaign ) and must be printed and handled in accordance with SBE instructions. The following instructions are provided by the SBE:

    The Petition of Qualified Voter form (SBE-506/521) is a two page document (front and back) printed on one piece of 8 ½” x 11″ paper. When you print this form, it should be printed front and back on one 8 ½” x 11″ sheet of paper. If you are unable to print a double-sided print job, you may print two separate pages. However, you must then reproduce/copy the two pages into one page. The front of the petition contains line numbers 1 through 6; the back of the form contains line numbers 7 through 12 followed by the AFFIDAVIT. If you are unable to print or reproduce this form on 8 ½” x 11″ printed back and front, then call our office at 800-552-9745 or 804-864-8901 and we will be glad to send you a form.

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… Imagine your child had a fever of 105 and was not able to be seen by a provider, or that you had to decide between paying rent and refilling a life-saving prescription. Hundreds of thousands of working Virginians make these choices on a daily basis.

I emphasize the word “working” because 70 percent of Virginians without insurance have at least one working member in their household. …

Please read the Entire Op Ed at PilotOnline.com

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