Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast Saturday, August 22nd


You’re invited to an Applebee’s® Flapjack Fundraiser breakfast to support the
Suffolk Democratic Committee


Tickets cost $10.00
August 22, 2015 8am – 10am
1206 Main Street, Suffolk, VA 23434


For Tickets Call 757-774-8716
Meal includes Pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and a beverage ( coffee, juice, soda or tea).
Please contact organization to purchase ticket. This flyer is only intended for advertising purposes. Ticket valid for pancake event only. Applebees® menu items are not included as part of purchase.

Meeting Tonight

The next meeting will be 7:00PM Tuesday, June 9th at 701 Old East Pinner Street, Suffolk VA 23434

SDC Monthly Meeting Information and Driving Directions

Driving Directions from Downtown Suffolk:
Via E. Pinner Street – Follow East Pinner Street toward US58/E. Constance Road, turn right on Old E. Pinner Street, then take your first right. Our location is on your right.
Via US 58/E. Constance Road – Follow E. Constance Road just past the light at Wilroy Rd and E. Pinner Street. Make an immediate right onto Old East Pinner Street and then make your first left. You will see our location ahead on the right.
Driving Directions from 58 West:
Follow 58 West toward Downtown Suffolk. Get off on the first Downtown Suffolk Exit. Once you get under the railroad overpass, get in the left lane and then the left turn lane as you approach the intersection of Wilroy Rd (on the right) and E. Pinner Street (on the left). Turn left on East Pinner Street and make your first left onto East Old Pinner Street. Next make your first right onto Suburban Drive*. Our building is on the right.


*Subarban Drive may not have a sign.

SDC at Shake, Rattle, and Roll Saturday May 9th

Come see us at the City of Suffolk’s Shake Rattle and Roll festival and car show this Saturday on Main Street. The Suffolk Democratic Committee will be there so stop by for refreshments and information about voting, upcoming events, and important issues that citizens should be aware of.

Shake Rattle and Roll will take place this Saturday, the 9th, starting at 10 am and going until mid-afternoon. There will be music, food, contests and, of course, cars. The cost is free.

Thank you honorees, guests, helpers, and contributers

The Suffolk Democratic Committee honored Mr. W. Randolph Carter, Mr. Wallace Cotten, and Mr. Andrew Damiani at our annual Community Heroes Luncheon.

Jack Crowley introduced Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter and Mr. Crowley worked together setting up restoration workshops, as well as providing one-on-one assistance to people who were interested in regaining their voting rights. Mr. Crowley praised Mr. Carter for all of his efforts and told about the joy expressed by some of the people who they had helped. When Mr. Carter spoke, he said that restoring the rights of people who have paid their debts and proven to be good citizens was the right thing to do. He noted that he had a hand in convicting some of those who he now hopes to help, but that he was more interested in lifting people up then holding them down.

Andy Damiani was honored for his very extensive involvement in promoting and supporting the citizens and the city of Suffolk. Mr. Damiani had been a mayor for four years and a member of Suffolk council during the merger of Suffolk and Nansemond. He has participated in a multitude of charitable organizations, some of which he started, and led several local chapters of national and regional organizations, including the Kiwanis and the American Legion.

An error in one of the listings led Mr. Damiani to the wrong address, and so he was a few minutes late for the event. When he spoke, he joked that politicians usually show up late to attract attention, but his lateness that day was unplanned.

Mr. Cotten was honored for his generosity, volunteerism, and efforts to encourage non-voters to register. Mr. Cotten has difficulty speaking due to a recent stroke, but Margaret Barnes introduced him and his daughter spoke on his behalf. They both told of Mr. Cotten’s countless hours spent talking to people about the importance of voting, and about the help he has given others during times of hardship. Mr. Cotten has participated in or spearheaded drives for disaster relief, and drove to New Orleans to help rebuild after Katrina.

Gaylene Kanoyton, was our keynote speaker and praised the committee for our work. She said that demographics was turning Suffolk more progressive and that Democrats must be ready to stand up for our values.

Our Chairperson, Leslie Rinaldi was Master of Ceremonies. Michele Faulk organized the event, Mary Steverson arranged the decorations, and Anthony Castillio coordinated with the hotel.

This was our first time holding the event at the Hilton Garden Inn, Riverside. We were very pleased with atmosphere, the furniture and equipment, and the staff. The committee would also like to thank Johnson’s Florest for donating a beautiful flower arrangement.

Some Upcoming Events

The Suffolk Community Heroes’ Luncheon will be this Saturday, the 2nd, at 12:00PM.

Also coming up will be our participation in Suffolk’s Shake Rattle and Roll and our Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at Applebee’s on Main St.

Please see our calendar for upcoming meetings and events .

(Edited 4/29 to remove notice of availability of Heroes Luncheon Tickets)

Suffolk Democrats to Honor Three Heroes in Annual Event

The Suffolk Democratic Committee’s 7th Annual Community Hero Luncheon will be held on Saturday May 2nd, at noon. It will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront, 100 East Constance Road.

Tickets are available for purchase on-line, from Michele Faulk at 757-334-2980, or from members of the committee. There will be no ticket sales at the door.

The committee will be proud to honor Mr. W. Randolf Carter, Mr. Wallace Cotten, and Mr. Andrew Damiani.

carterRandy Carter is being honored for his work and sponsorship of the SDC Restoration of Rights (RoR) program. He provided the inspiration, training, resources and arranged for a facility for our first workshop in January 2012. He supported our interaction with the Department of Corrections, District 6, to provided needed statements and confirmation of completed Probation/Parole for restoration packets. As the program matured, Mr. Carter assured that the communications and coordination with his and other Clerk, Probation and Commonwealth Offices endured and that we collectively are a recognized Commonwealth of Virginia RoR “Stake Holder” in good standing. Through his good council and professional support the Commonwealth of Virginia now has 63 returned voters through the RoR
program with 5 more currently in process.

cottenWally Cotten is being honored for his volunteerism and service. Mr. Cotten has participated in charity drives from his time in the U.S. Post Office and spearheaded his own drives to assist children in the aftermaths of natural disasters in Haiti and New Orleans. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina he drove to New Orleans and helped rebuild homes. He has been instrumental in getting voters registered in Suffolk, often knocking on doors or talking to people on the street in neighborhoods with low voter registration rates. He was chosen to meet candidate Obama in 2008 in recognition for his help with voter registration.

Andy Damiani has tirelessly promoted and sustained Suffolk through a combination of entrepreneurship, volunteering, and giving. Mr. Damiani served as Suffolk’s mayor from 1982 to 1986 and has been a part of Suffolk’s political process for as long as most citizens can remember. During election seasons he conducts interviews with the candidates and airs them on his local show, “Roundtable Talk”, which has been providing citizens with information about their city for two decades. By renovating downtown property, he has been investing in Suffolk for almost 50 years. He started the Downtown Business Association and has tirelessly advocated for downtown development. Mr. Damiani’s devotion to our city’s downtown area has earned him the nickname, “Mr. Downtown”. damiani

Gaylene Kanoyton, First Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, will be our guest speaker.

Get Ready for a New Season

Despite snowballs in the Senate, record-breaking freezes do not balance out record-breaking heat waves to make the weather normal. And despite our own Congressman voting down measures that address climate change, we know that something is wrong.

And it’s not just the weather.

400,000 poor Virginians have been barred from receiving Medicaid coverage and most of those who are receiving help in the form of tax credits may loose that help as a result of a Supreme Court decision. Gerrymandering in Virginia has greatly altered the state legislator so that it no longer reflects the votes of the public. Many hard working Virginians can’t earn enough to pay the rent and efforts to help have been blocked. A foreign leader was invited into our Congress to criticize our foreign policy without so much as a courtesy notification to the President, and our own representative supported this dangerous breech of protocol and decency.

We can blame gerrymandering, voter suppression, and dirty politics, but we also know that low voter participation has played a big role in encouraging our political opponents to brazenly work against the public good. It’s been a rough winter.

But we have some good weather to look forward to and as we shake off the brutal Winter and get ready for Spring and Summer, members of the Suffolk Democratic Committee will be out and about participating in local events, canvassing, fundraising, and getting the word out that no matter what the weather is like, citizens of this great city can make a difference by volunteering, staying informed, and most of all: by voting.

We know that many of our voters are discouraged, but Virginia has elected a Democratic Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and two U.S. Senators who are fighting for our rights. Our voters can overcome the obstacles that have been thrown in their paths.

Let’s greet the new season with a renewed effort to take control of our future. Become a participant in your political system, and encourage others to do so.

The Suffolk Democratic Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month to plan get-out-the-vote efforts, voter registration drives, fundraising, and a host of other activities. We can make a difference.

Our meetings are open to the public.

Suffolk Democratic Committee Meeting

Hello Everyone

The next meeting of the Suffolk Democratic Committee will be at 7PM on March 10th, at 701 East OldPinner St.

We have a lot of upcoming events to discuss, including the Heroes’ Luncheon which will be in May.

Meeting location and directions at this link and under the “About” menu item.

Meeting are open to the public.